More Ministries....

Here are more places for you to belong at KCCC


Building & Grounds- Dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of God's house.  
Deacon Darryl Bryant- Servant Leader

Christian Education- Dedicated to teaching the Word of God
Pastor Bryan Allen- Servant Leader

Culinary Ministry- Dedicated to phsyically nourishing and serving God's people.
Sis. Sandra Barney- Servant Leader

GO Kingdom! (Transportation)- Dedicated to transporting the people to and from services making worship worry-free!
M.I.T Kocoa Sweat- Servant Leader       Email:

Grace & Mercy- Dedicated to serving "the lest of these".
Sis. Renee Bates- Servant Leader

Kingdom Neighborhood Development Corp- Non-profit dedicated to building/rebuilding community!

LLEGO- Dedicated to introducing young mothers to Christ and helping them grow in theor faith.
Pastor Yolanda Shinault- Servant Leader  Email:

Pastoral Care & Support- Dedicated to supporting and caring for the needs of the Pastor & Co-Pastor (Meets 2nd Sundays -Annex)
Sis. Margo Reed- Servant Leader

Intercessory Prayer- Dedicated for keeping the Pastor, Co-Pastor, Leadership, vision and ministry, continuously lifted in prayer.

Scholarship Ministry- Dedicated to helping our young people achieve their college dreams, further their education and build godly successful lives.
Sis. Monique Simpson- Servant Leader