What KCCC Believes

We believe that the scriptures teach that the end of this world is approaching. Christ will return from heaven and raise the dead from the grave for final retribution and separation, the wicked unto punishment the righteous unto reward. 

We believe that the scriptures teach that election is the eternal purpose of God totally unmerited by works of the flesh but He graciously regenerates, sanctifies, and saves sinners solely based on faith. He gave us all the capacity to believe and then chose those who would believe. 

We believe the scriptures teach that the great gospel blessing which Christ secures to such as believe in Him is justification. This justification is the process by which God renders us blameless even though we are clearly guilty. 

We believe that man was created in perfect righteousness and holiness, but because of Adam’s original sin man fell from that holy state. We believe that the scriptures teach that the way of redemption has been paved and salvation is wholly of grace through the mediatorial offices of the Son of God the only one worthy or capable of securing our redemption.