KCCC Yonkers History

In December 2018 KCCC Newburgh launched its first Bible study under the leadership of Pastor Marlon Francis and his family. We are looking forward to what ministry will offer in Newburgh, NY as services are scheduled to begin in January 2019. Go Kingdom!
KCCC's Future 
As Pastor Hassell continues to write his vision and make it plain, we share his prayer that the Kingdom Christian Cultural Center remains firmly anchored to the same Lord, and have the same faith, but continue to be a new church for a new generation.

From Kingdom’s inception to the most recent bible study class, Pastor Hassell repeatedly shares his heart and his vision: he envisions a vibrant, active ministry that ministers mentally, physically, spiritually and socially to the congregation, the residents of Yonkers, and the people of God.

As Pastor Hassell's vision continued to grow, so did Kingdom's membership and the need to obtain their own headquarters and place of worship. For this reason, on November 19, 2006 Kingdom Baptist Church was firmly planted at 68 Palisade Avenue in Yonkers, NY, and established as the Kingdom Christian Cultural Center (KCCC Yonkers). Through the labor of numerous ministries, workshops, and various worship services, Kingdom is still extending its arms to expose to those waiting to hear the wonderful and glorious news of God’s love shown by Jesus Christ.

During its first twelve months, Kingdom’s bible study classes and Sunday worship services were infused with Pastor Hassell’s strong biblical teaching and exhortation to worship, obey and serve the Living God. Evidence of his effective, expository teaching of the Gospel resulted in the need for monthly Baptismal Services as well as in a membership that rapidly approached four hundred.

On May 21, 2005, Kingdom Baptist Mission was released from Beulah Baptist Church and was officially incorporated as the Kingdom Baptist Church; Pastor James N. Hassell was inaugurated and installed as the founding pastor.

Weekly bible study, Sunday school and worship services continued at the YWCA until May 2005, when the rapidly increasing attendance consistently strained the 250-person limit. Study and services were moved to the Nepperhan Community Center. 

On November 28, 2004, with the consent, encouragement and blessings of Pastor Bottoms, Pastor Hassell presided over the first Sunday morning worship service of the Kingdom Mission. That morning, 23 individuals united hearts with Pastor Hassell, and became official members of the Kingdom Mission.

After Pastor James Hassell expressed his concern and desire for an improved quality of life for the inhabitants of Yonkers to his Pastor and mentor, Bishop Jesse V. Bottoms, it was agreed that Pastor Hassell would begin a general bible study in Yonkers. On Tuesday, November 16, 2004, Pastor Hassell gave the first Bible Study lesson of the Kingdom Baptist Mission at the YWCA of Yonkers to approximately twenty disciples.

Originally established as Kingdom Baptist Church, we began humbly as a mission of the Beulah Baptist Church of Poughkeepsie in November 2004.